December 1, 2012

Rape culture still in existence on college campuses

A colleague of mine recently asked if I had heard about what happened at Yale University regarding the “Yale Frat Pledges.”

I actually hadn’t heard about what happened, so I quickly went to the internet and came across countless articles regarding the “No Means Yes.  Yes Means Anal” pledges of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.  I was disappointed, appalled, and truly saddened.  I instantly felt sick to my stomach when I listened to the actual chants of the fraternity members. These acts are clear examples of inherent misogyny and rape culture.

The fraternity members appropriated the slogan “no means no” to convey that raping women is truly okay, and that no never really means no.  These acts show that rape is to be taken lightly.

The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, has since been banned from Yale according to  I wonder, though, if banning of the fraternity will actually assist in reversing these acts of violence?  Will women feel more at ease to see Yale taking a stand against these acts of violence?

We’ve seen these acts of sexual violence take place right on our very own campus at UBC.  A prime example is the recent “Dime Watch” Twitter account.  The Dime Watch Twitter account provided UBC Athletes space to post pictures of women without their consent and then rate them.  The account existed for 6 months before there was realization of what was going on.  The site has since been taken down, although I argue the damages may be irreversible.

This account wasn’t the inside joke athletes have since played it off as. It was a public account that associated itself with the campus and sent offensive sexualized comments to women who did not give their consent (Ubyssey).”

The irony of this is that UBC athletes are involved in “Be More Than a Bystander,” a campaign to raise awareness of violence against women.

Time magazine couldn’t have said it better – “It’s not just Yale: Are colleges doing enough to combat sexual violence?

UBC’s on campus Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC), does so much already to combat rape culture, but it needs to also be met more than halfway by the UBC campus community.

Articles: **please note the content of these articles can be triggering**

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