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Workshops Available

A part of our work to address sexualized violence on campus includes facilitating awareness through public education and community training. We offer workshops to various community groups on campus, including students, faculty and staff, and spend time to ensure our workshops are tailored to make learning accessible and relevant to participants.

Our workshops generally cover the following topics:

  • Responding to Disclosures
  • Bystander Intervention skills
  • Assertiveness and  Healthy Boundaries
  • Sexual Assault and the Law
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • Rape Culture 

During our workshops we encourage collaborative learning as we generate tangible strategies to prevent sexual assault and harassment through an intersectional feminist framework. The two workshops most requested are Responding to Disclosures and Bystander Intervention.

Responding to Disclosures

A 90-minute primer on sexual assault and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence in a way that is survivor-centred and trauma-informed. This workshop provides a foundational knowledge of sexual assault & consent, explores social, cultural, and institutional factors that facilitate sexualized violence and affect someone’s decision to disclose, and reviews the Listen – Believe – Support framework of responding to disclosures. This workshop also provides contextual knowledge to aid UBC’s community in pursuing survivor-centric care by going through the resources available at the SASC, and elsewhere on campus.

Bystander Intervention

This workshop provides participants with a foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is and discusses how everyone can be involved in sexual violence prevention through bystander intervention. There will be an opportunity to explore how you can intervene safely, and what the effects are of different intervention tactics.

Other topics & custom workshops

If you want to cover other workshop topics or cover multiple workshop topics in one event, contact us using the form below about creating a custom workshop for your group.

Ready to request a workshop? Submit an Outreach Request Form using the link below.