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Workshops Available

A part of our work to address sexualized violence on campus includes facilitating awareness through public education and community training. We offer workshops to various community groups on campus, including students, faculty and staff, and spend time to ensure our workshops are tailored to make learning accessible and relevant to participants.

Workshops currently available (see descriptions below):

  • Sexualized Violence 101 (“SV101”)
    • SV101: Consent, Power, and Healthier Masculinity
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault (“R2D”)
  • Workplace Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Assault
  • Anti-Oppression 101
  • SASC Services Presentation

Workshops coming soon:

  • Healthy Relationships and Boundaries
  • Sexualized Violence 102: Nuanced and Intersectional Perspectives

During our workshops we encourage collaborative learning as we generate tangible strategies to prevent sexual assault and harassment through an anti-oppressive, feminist framework. The two workshops most requested are Responding to Disclosures and Sexualized Violence 101, which are often taught together (3 hours total).

Sexual Violence 101

Our 1.5-hour SV101 workshop provides foundational knowledge of sexual assault and consent, and explores social, cultural, and institutional factors that facilitate sexualized violence. This workshop provides participants with knowledge about what causes, maintains, and constitutes a culture accepting of sexualized violence. We examine the norms which uphold and normalize power, and discuss ways we can address the effects of it through centering a culture of consent.

SV101: Consent, Power, and Masculinity provides foundational knowledge about sexualized violence and consent with an emphasis on how it affects men. This workshop specifically covers an in-depth understanding of how to both give and receive consent, how to embrace healthier forms of masculinity, and some tips on bystander intervention from a prevention perspective.

Responding to Disclosures

Prerequisite/ Corequisite: SV101

Our 1.5-hour R2D workshop covers how to respond to disclosures of sexualized violence in a way that is supportive, person-centered and trauma-informed. This workshop provides a foundational knowledge of sexual assault and consent, and explores social, cultural, and institutional factors that facilitate sexualized violence and affect someone’s decision to disclose. It reviews the Listen – Believe – Support framework of responding to disclosures, and reviews the resources available at the SASC, and elsewhere on campus. Responding to disclosures is usually intended to be facilitated in conjunction with SV101.

Workplace Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault

This is 3-hour workshop explores the facts and realities of sexual harassment and sexual assault and how it can show up in the workplace. It includes learning through activities and scenarios to help workplaces build capacity to respond to disclosures of sexualized violence more supportively.

Anti-Oppression 101

Our 1.5-hour Anti-Oppression workshop introduces foundational knowledge around power, privilege, and prejudice in an interactive format. We highlight institutional, structural, interpersonal, individual, and internalized forms of oppression before introducing the foundational case study that informed Kimberlé Crenshaw’s coining of the term intersectionality.

Services Presentation

This is a 30 minute presentation on SASC’s services and what supports we provide. We can add additional time for questions or extra information in combination with services provided.

Other topics & custom workshops

If you want to cover other workshop topics or cover multiple workshop topics in one event, contact us using the form below about creating a custom workshop for your group.

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