AMS Sexual Assault Support Center | AMS Sexual Assault Support Center Phone604.827.5180

Visiting the SASC Office

The SASC is providing support services both in-person and at a distance. Contact us at 604 827 5180 or For service updates, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and read more on our blog.

The SASC office is located on the third floor of the AMS Nest in office 3130. When you arrive, you will likely be greeted by or redirected to a Support Worker. You can bring a support person with you to the SASC, including a friend or family member.

Please pay attention to the signage on the door if it is closed: it will clarify if we have stepped out of the office or are in a meeting and it should provide an approximate time for when we will be available again.

The office is, by design, an accessible space. However you can call us in advance to ensure that we can meet your needs.

During your meeting with a Support Worker, you can expect to receive safe, confidential and non-judgmental support, referrals, and/or resources depending on your situation and what you might be looking for.

For more information about our support services, visit: