AMS Sexual Assault Support Center | AMS Sexual Assault Support Center Phone604.827.5180

How do I access support?

As a public health measure, the SASC is providing support services at a distance during our regular hours. In-person support is also available by appointment or during our more limited drop-in hours from 2-6pm daily in room 2516 in the AMS Nest. 

To access support at the SASC, you can phone our support line at 604-827-5180 Monday-Friday between 8AM to 10PM and Saturday-Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. You can also email or check out our Contact Us page for more specific contact information. Appointments can be set up to be over the phone or video calls. 

During phone or video calls, you are welcome to invite friends, family or supports from other organizations. We hope to be as flexible as possible so that you can be comfortable. 

Similar off-campus support organizations include WAVAW and BWSS. Check out our Community Resources page for more options.