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Request a Workshop

If you are interested in having the SASC team provide a training, workshop, discussion, table, or other outreach engagement, please complete the form below.

*Due to COVID-19, we have adapted our workshops for online delivery over Zoom.

This email will be used to contact you to confirm attendance at your event and to coordinate any details. If you haven't heard back from us in the time you expected, we suggest checking your spam folder!
Due to COVID-19, workshops will take place online over zoom. We will consider in-person outreach requests for small groups on a case by case basis. If you are requesting in-person outreach, please specify below what safety measures will be taken at your event.
Let us know if you are requesting a workshop, boothing at your event or another type of outreach. Feel free to select more than one option if you are requesting multiple types of outreach.
Kindly read through our workshop descriptions on the following page: If you are requesting a custom workshop or training, there is another question below asking about the topics you would like covered.