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Men’s Circle

Men’s Circle is a learning space that has a set of topics per term around masculinity. Each circle will have a series of guided discussion questions for men, and masculine identifying students to engage in. This space is for men and masculine identifying students who want to learn about how masculinity harms people of all genders. Men’s Circle encourages folks who have privilege within their masculinity to consider what they can do to create a positive culture for other men and for those who are impacted by the harmful aspects of masculinity.

Sessions are held in person at the AMS Nest, and will run for 5 weeks. on Thursdays from 5:00pm – 6:30pm

  • Session #1: February 16th (Gender)
  • Session #2: March 2nd (Types of Masculinity)
  • Session #3: March 16th (Privilege & Patriarchy)
  • Session #4: March 30th (Feelings & Emotions: Loneliness & Isolation)
  • Session #5: April 13th (Fostering Community & Vulnerability)

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