May 14, 2020

Limited In-Person Support Sessions Available, May 20th Onward

As a Sexual Assault Support Centre, face-to-face support is at the heart of our work. As such, we are excited to announce that – in a limited capacity – our office will begin to reopen on May 20th. Full details are listed below.

(Note: reopening was originally scheduled for May 19th, but has been updated to May 20th)

Please note that distance support will continue to be offered in addition to our in-person option (click HERE to learn more). Our support team is available remotely Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 11am-7pm.

If you would like to visit our office in person, please contact us at 604 827-5180 or and be advised of the following:

  • All in-person appointments with the SASC Support & Advocacy team must be scheduled in advance. 
  • In-person appointments may be scheduled from Monday to Thursday, 10am-4pm.
  • Only 2 people will be permitted in the support room for in-person appointments.
  • Masks will be worn by the support worker for in-person appointments and will be made available to survivors visiting our office.

To keep our community safe:

  • The support room will be sanitized after every appointment.
  • Most SASC staff will continue to work from home and a maximum of 2 staff will work in the office on any given day.
  • Workspaces will be arranged to maintain a 2 metre distance between staff.
  • Support groups will continue to be offered online.
  • The SASC’s education services and workshops continue to be available online and can be scheduled by emailing

To learn more about our building, the Nest, reopening, you can read the AMS’ most recent update by clicking HERE.

To read our previous COVID-19 updates, including information about the COVID-19 Counselling Fund and Hospital Sexual Assault Services, you can access our blog by clicking HERE.

At the SASC, we know that this pandemic has been a particularly difficult time for survivors and we encourage all survivors to reach out for the support that they need, if it is safe to do so. Even while physically distancing, you are not alone.

With love and solidarity,

Your SASC team.

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