October 6, 2014

Got Consent? week 2014!

Brace yourself UBC campus; Consent Week is here and we at the SASC are excited to amplify conversations dealing with consent this week (Oct 6-10). Although the SASC is a service dedicated to support survivors of sexual assault, the issue of consent breaches the boundaries of sexual relationships and can be applied to one’s life in various ways.

Examples of non-sexual touching that could include consent:

  • Hand holding
  • High fives
  • Fist bumps
  • Hand shakes
  • Pats on the back
  • Hugs

Although you might have an open arm policy and be willing to give any passer-by a great big bear hug, it is a good idea to ask even your best friend for consent before engaging in physical touch.  This establishes a relationship with boundaries and allows you to continually check in with a person in order to respect their personal space.

Consent and information:

As some point in your life, people may confide in you and share information about themselves.  Even though this may have nothing to do with physical touch, consent is still both relevant and important!  When you are given information, whether it is about a friend, or a work related issue, it is crucial to have a conversation around consent and establish whether or not you have the other party’s permission to share that information.

There are just a few examples  of how consent can be used outside of sexual relationships.  We recognize that there are many more ways consent can be applied to daily life, and would love to hear your ideas during Consent Week!

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